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Coverler creates unique cover letters for every job you apply to in minutes. Just provide your skills, experience and job details – and get the perfect cover letter. Our AI-powered tool finds and highlights your skills & experience that match job requirements, and proves that you are the perfect candidate. So you don’t waste time editing letters to every role, get more interviews and land your dream job in a breeze.

4.5/5 - (18 votes)

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4.5/5 - (18 votes)

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Dataset Generation (few-shot or zero-shot)

generate more datapoints from this text: "contains no wit , only labored gags " 0 (negative) "that loves its characters and communicates something rather beautiful...

Midjourney Prompt Generator

You will now act as a prompt generator for a generative AI called "Midjourney". Midjourney AI generates images based on given prompts.I will provide a...

ChatGPT prompts for resume

Create bullet points for my most recent [insert job title] role that showcases my achievements and impact.Generate a summary that emphasizes my unique selling points...

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Cluster articles using their titles semantic relevance

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Act as a Beauty Consultant

I want you to act as a beauty consultant. I will ask you for advice on skincare, makeup, and hair care, and you should only...

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