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ZeroGPT Detector

ZeroGPT Detector is your go-to solution for identifying AI-generated text. Our advanced AI detection technology helps users discern authentic human-written content from AI-generated compositions, ensuring content integrity and originality in just a few clicks.

4.4/5 - (251 votes)

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4.4/5 - (251 votes)

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GPTKit is a free, easy-to-use AI text generation detection tool that uses six different methods...

Try These Mindblowing Prompts!

Act as a Psychologist

i want you to act a psychologist. i will provide you my thoughts. i want you to give me scientific suggestions that will make...

Suggest a topic cluster structure

Create a topic clustering structure for the below pages. Your response should be a table with three columns, ‘Page name’, ‘Primary cluster’, and ‘Secondary cluster’: [List...

UX/UI Developer

I want you to act as a UX/UI developer. I will provide some details about the design of an app, website or other digital product,...

Act as a SQL terminal

I want you to act as a SQL terminal in front of an example database. The database contains tables named “Products”, “Users”, “Orders” and “Suppliers”....

Rephrase your existing content to avoid duplication

Rephrase the following paragraph in X different ways, to avoid repetition, while keeping its meaning:...

Optimize Code

Can you improve the time complexity of the code? `[code-snippet]`...

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