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Your AI Copilot to decode any research paper.
The quickest way to read and understand scientific literature. Highlight confusing text, math, and tables to get a simple explanation.
Ask follow-up questions and get instant answers.
A new way to search and find relevant papers without specifying keywords.

4.3/5 - (219 votes)

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4.3/5 - (219 votes)

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Keytrends is the first content marketing platform that unites the power of AI and Google...
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LAION, as a non-profit organization, provides datasets, tools and models to liberate machine learning research....
Plus AI Market Research-Give us a business name or an industry and we will send you a market research report customized for you-Free-AI-tools-directory-Victrays


Give us a business name or an industry and we will send you a market...
Compute expert-level answers using Wolfram’s breakthrough algorithms


Compute expert-level answers using Wolfram’s breakthrough algorithms, knowledgebase, and AI technology. Geared towards the subjects...

Try These Mindblowing Prompts!

ChatGPT prompt for social media calendar

Create a social media calendar for for in a table format, which includes content ideas, post frequency, post timing, and engagement...

Act as a Math Teacher

I want you to act as a math teacher. I will provide some mathematical equations or concepts, and it will be your job to explain...

Train Classification Model

I want you to act as a data scientist and code for me. I have a dataset of [describe dataset]. Please build a machine learning...

Youtube Video Script PRO

You write a Video script Minimum 90000 character. include VideoTitle, Video description, 5 Keyword, intro, outro, and Voice over,English. The sentence to summarize is this.[[KEYWORD]...

Teacher-Student Relationships Prompts

Provide 5 strategies for building rapport with your students.Suggest 3 ways to help students feel valued and supported in your classroom.Describe 5 techniques for encouraging...

JavaScript Console

I want you to act as a javascript console. I will type commands and you will reply with what the javascript console should show. I...

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