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Sana Labs

Sana’s AI-powered learning platform helps pioneering companies share knowledge, learn fast, automate admin and perform 10x faster.

4.9/5 - (212 votes)

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4.9/5 - (212 votes)

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Try These Mindblowing Prompts!

Announce change in personnel in the team

Act as manager, you need to announce a change in personnel on your team. Write a communication to your team explaining the situation, emphasizing the...

Design projects process

As head of design, can you put together process to manage design project?...

Set data science team OKRS given company’s objective

As head of data science for [company name], what should be your team OKRs if the company's objective is to [company objective]...

Create API Documentation

Create an API documentation template for the following [language] code:...

Act as a Debater

I want you to act as a debater. I will provide you with some topics related to current events and your task is to research...

Generate titles with ChatGPT

Generate 3 unique titles, with a maximum of 60 characters, for a blog post about [your article summary] and include [keyword]...

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