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Salssy AI automate Your LinkedIn Conversations from Outreach to Meeting

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Try These Mindblowing Prompts!

Find & Fix Grammar Issues

Check the grammar of the following content and point out the issues ...

Generate video script

Generate an X-minute video script for a YouTube video about our newest [product/service description]...

Investor update

Act as founder of the company, write investor update for [company name] - [update 1] -[update2] -[update3]...

Act as a Dentist

I want you to act as a dentist. I will provide you with details on an individual looking for dental services such as x-rays, cleanings,...

Act as a Philosophy Teacher

I want you to act as a philosophy teacher. I will provide some topics related to the study of philosophy, and it will be your...

Find Long-tail Keywords

Prompt: Find X Long-tail keywords for “Seed Keyword”...

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