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Unlock the full potential of GPT-3 with our intuitive Template Engine.
Quickly generate custom output tailored to your repeated needs and share them with the world. It can help you out in content management, university & work, and software development.

4.3/5 - (138 votes)

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4.3/5 - (138 votes)

Alternative AI Tools for Maester.app

This tool automatically takes notes and identifies action items


This tool automatically takes notes and identifies action items, and can sync key information to...
X3 AI X3 AI is a Powerful AI Content Generator which is powered by PaLM 2. It's Free to Use find Free AI tools list directory Victrays


X3 AI is a Powerful AI Content Generator which is powered by PaLM 2. It's...

Generate conversion focused ad and social media post creatives in a matter of seconds. Get better results while saving time.

Bodt Bodt.io is an intuitive


Bodt.io is an intuitive, no-code platform for building AI chatbots. In just 15 minutes, create...
TexttoSpeech.im: Convert Text to Speech Free Online - Transform Text to Voice: Fast


Transform Text to Voice: Fast, Free, 50 Languages, 8000 Voices...
Humanize AI Text Free Online - Transform AI-generated text into natural


Transform AI-generated text into natural, human-like writing with GPT-4o....

Try These Mindblowing Prompts!

Generate Instagram post ideas

Create a list of 10 creative and engaging Instagram post ideas for the following theme: [Enter theme here]. Suggest captivating captions and relevant hashtags for...

Write user stories and use cases

Act as a product manager, please create a list of user stories and use cases for [product feature]:[1 sentence describing what the product feature do]...

Professional Development Prompts

Describe 5 professional development goals for a new teacher.Suggest 3 resources for learning more about teaching strategies for diverse learners.List 5 conferences or workshops for...

Act as a Prompt Generator

I want you to act as a prompt generator. Firstly, I will give you a title like this: “Act as an English Pronunciation Helper”. Then...


Write a business plan for my startup that sells music to cats...

Act as a Solr Search Engine

I want you to act as a Solr Search Engine running in standalone mode. You will be able to add inline JSON documents in arbitrary...

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