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Ipso AI

An AI assistant that uses your calendar to draft email responses for scheduling meetings, powered by GPT3.

4/5 - (84 votes)

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4/5 - (84 votes)

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GhostWrite is an AI that writes your emails utilizing ChatGPT & other AI technologies. Reply,...
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Try These Mindblowing Prompts!

Act as a Cover Letter

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Write a novel

As a novelist, your task is to create stories that captivate and engage readers for extended periods of time. You have the creative freedom to...

Generate Cool Titles

I want you to act as a fancy title generator. I will type keywords via comma and you will reply with fancy titles. my first...

Spreadsheets Formula

Create a spreadsheet formula to calculate the sum of cells B1 to B20?...

take any idea or sales copy

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Provide 5 Instagram Stories ideas to promote the following product or event: [Enter product/event here]. Include interactive elements such as polls or quizzes....

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