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Instant AI for Google Slides

An AI-powered presentation tool to effortlessly create fully-editable, visually-engaging slides in Google Slides

4.3/5 - (70 votes)

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4.3/5 - (70 votes)

Alternative AI Tools for Instant AI for Google Slides

GPT-PPT Quickly create structured presentations on any topic using GPT-PPT find Free AI tools directory Victrays


Quickly create structured presentations on any topic using GPT-PPT...

Try These Mindblowing Prompts!

Group Related Keywords Together

Prompt: Group related keywords together ...

Reviewing legal documentation

Act as a CEO, you need to review [name of the legal documentation] documentation, what are the top key terms you need to pay attention...

ChatGPT prompts for Education.

Create a magical system that emphasizes education and is based on [topic of your choice].Teach me the and give me a...

Facebook Ad

Create 3 variations of effective ad copy to promote [product] for [audience]. Make sure they are [persuasive/playful/emotional] and mention these benefits: [Benefit 1] [Benefit 2] [Benefit 3] Finish with...

For People Who Write Emails

Act as an AI-powered Professional Email Generator, your task is to craft clear and concise emails tailored to the user's desired message. The generator should...

Twitter Thread

Give a controversial opinion on [topic], then turn it into a twitter thread....

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