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Dify.AI is an open source platform for LLMOps(https://github.com/langgenius/dify) that helps developers build AI applications more simply and quickly, based on different large language models. Its core concept is to define all aspects of an AI application, including prompts, contexts, and plugins, through declarative YAML files. Dify provides visual orchestration of prompts, operations, dataset management, and more. Create an AI app in minutes or integrate LLM into your app for continuous improvement.

You can use Dify.AI to create text generation applications for various scenarios, such as: website AI Chatbots with business data, robots for answering specific questions, text generators for summarizing key information, marketing copywriting generation apps, and more.
1. Develop AI apps based on capabilities of multiple models: You can choose capabilities based on different models when building your Dify AI apps. Dify is compatible with Langchain, meaning it will support various LLMs. Currently supported model providers:
OpenAI: GPT-4, GPT-3.5-turbo, GPT-3.5-turbo-16k, text-davinci-003
Azure OpenAI Service
Anthropic: Claude2, Claude-instant
Hugging Face Hub

2. Visual orchestration of prompts: Build an AI app in minutes by visually writing and debugging prompts.
3. Text embedding(datasets): Fully automated text preprocessing embeds your data as context without complex concepts. Supports PDF, TXT, and syncing data from Notion, webpages, APIs.
4. API-based: Backend-as-a-service. Directly access web apps or integrate via APIs without complex backend setup.
5. Data labeling and improvement: Visually inspect AI logs and improve data via labeling to continuously enhance performance.
6. Plugins: Dify supports first-party plugins like web browsing, Google search, Wikipedia for online lookup, analyzing web content, and explaining the AI’s reasoning. More plugins coming soon.
7. Team workspaces: Supports team collaboration. Members can join workspaces to edit, manage, and use team AI apps.

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