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The best Search and Discovery Platform for your business
Algolia empowers Builders with Search and Recommendation services to create world-class digital experiences.

4.8/5 - (125 votes)

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4.8/5 - (125 votes)

Alternative AI Tools for Algolia

Improve business outcomes with an AI-driven search and discovery solution


Improve business outcomes with an AI-driven search and discovery solution Guide your prospects from discovery to...
The search engine you  can control.-find-Free-AI-tools-Victrays.com_


The search engine you can control....

Generate conversion focused ad and social media post creatives in a matter of seconds. Get better results while saving time.

Your favorite podcasts


Your favorite podcasts, fully transcribed Discover, reference, and read along as you listen....
With Shaped


With Shaped, you can build powerful ranking models that understand the content your users are...
AI Generated Visuals


AI Generated Visuals We make it easy for you to get the exact visual you need....

Try These Mindblowing Prompts!

Write Catchy Headlines

Prompt: Suggest X catchy headlines for ...

Extract Keywords from Content

Prompt: Find keyword ideas from the following text “Content”...

Train Classification Model

I want you to act as a data scientist and code for me. I have a dataset of [describe dataset]. Please build a machine learning...

Linkedin Boolean Search

write me a boolean search on variations of [roles] that i can plug into sales navigator search...

Generate Visual Design Ideas

I am designing a travel blog that will be monetized through the combination of SEO and affiliate marketing. Write down some visual guidelines for this...

Personalized Cold Email From LinkedIn Profile

Write a personalized cold email to [linkedin profile url] selling [product description]. Make sure the first 7 words of the email catch the reader's attention....

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