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Vianai’s New Open-Source Solution Tackles AI’s Hallucination Problem


It’s no secret that AI, specifically Large Language Models (LLMs), can occasionally produce inaccurate or even potentially harmful outputs. Dubbed as “AI hallucinations”, these anomalies have been a significant barrier for enterprises contemplating LLM integration due to the inherent risks of financial, reputational, and even legal consequences.

Addressing this pivotal concern, Vianai Systems, a frontrunner in enterprise Human-Centered AI, unveiled its new offering: the veryLLM toolkit. This open-source toolkit is aimed at ensuring more reliable, transparent, and transformative AI systems for business use.

The Challenge of AI Hallucinations

Such hallucinations, which see LLMs generating false or offensive content, have been a persistent problem. Many companies, fearing potential repercussions, have shied away from incorporating LLMs into their central enterprise systems. However, with the introduction of veryLLM, under the Apache 2.0 open-source license, Vianai hopes to build trust and promote AI adoption by providing a solution to these issues.

Unpacking the veryLLM Toolkit

At its core, the veryLLM toolkit allows for a deeper comprehension of each LLM-generated sentence. It achieves this through various functions that categorize statements based on the context pools LLMs are trained on, such as Wikipedia, Common Crawl, and Books3. With the inaugural release of veryLLM heavily relying on a selection of Wikipedia articles, this method ensures a solid grounding for the toolkit’s verification procedure.

The toolkit is designed to be adaptive, modular, and compatible with all LLMs, facilitating its use in any application that utilizes LLMs. This will enhance transparency in AI-generated responses and support both current and upcoming language models.

Dr. Vishal Sikka, Founder and CEO of Vianai Systems and also an advisor to Stanford University’s Center for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence, emphasized the gravity of the AI hallucination issue. He said, “AI hallucinations pose serious risks for enterprises, holding back their adoption of AI. As a student of AI for many years, it is also just well-known that we cannot allow these powerful systems to be opaque about the basis of their outputs, and we need to urgently solve this. Our veryLLM library is a small first step to bring transparency and confidence to the outputs of any LLM – transparency that any developer, data scientist or LLM provider can use in their AI applications. We are excited to bring these capabilities, and many other anti-hallucination techniques, to enterprises worldwide, and I believe this is why we are seeing unprecedented adoption of our solutions.”

Incorporating veryLLM in hila™ Enterprise

hila™ Enterprise, another stellar product from Vianai, zeroes in on the accurate and transparent deployment of substantial language enterprise solutions across sectors like finance, contracts, and legal. This platform integrates the veryLLM code, combined with other advanced AI techniques, to minimize AI-associated risks, allowing businesses to fully harness the transformational power of reliable AI systems.

A Closer Look at Vianai Systems

Vianai Systems stands tall as a trailblazer in the realm of Human-Centered AI. The firm boasts a clientele comprising some of the globe’s most esteemed businesses. Their team’s unparalleled prowess in crafting enterprise platforms and innovative applications sets them apart. They are also fortunate to have the backing of some of the most visionary investors worldwide.

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