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Tailor Introduces ChatGPT Plugin Enabling Conversational Interface for ERP Operations

Tailor, a pioneer in headless ERP software, has announced the beta launch of their latest plugin, the Tailor ChatGPT Plugin. The plugin is built on OpenAI’s ChatGPT and offers a conversational interface for reading and writing data within applications hosted on the Tailor Platform.

The plugin harnesses ChatGPT’s capabilities and allows users to easily control various applications on the Tailor Platform in a conversational format. For example, users can issue instructions to Tailor’s Order Management System (OMS) in natural language, such as “Output last week’s order list in table format” or “Create an order for (product name).” This provides a user-friendly way to input and extract data from Tailor’s OMS.

The plugin eliminates the need for users to master screen operations, reducing the learning curve for new users and those with infrequent system use. It also negates the need for a GUI in some use cases, resulting in significant cost savings in system design and development. The dialogue-based approach enables data output in any desired layout, further enhancing user convenience and system flexibility.

Tailor Technologies is committed to creating a user-friendly business system platform that leverages AI technology. They anticipate that AI will play a pivotal role in the human-system interface.

To learn more about the Tailor ChatGPT Plugin and other Tailor Technologies products, visit: https://www.tailor.tech/

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